Sandpit Productions Ltd was started in 2000 by myself, David Kelly.

Sandpit BTRThe name, Sandpit Productions Ltd, came about while editing a promotional video for Mark Holland and his Blue Thunder Racing NZ  top doorslammer dragracing team of which I was a crew member. Upon noticing the enthusiasm as work progressed, Kent Luttrell - a fellow crew member- commented that I was just playing in my sandpit, and thus the name came about.

My camera work started in the mid 80s shooting with a Sony Beta camera at the track cycling held at the Tauranga Domain as my family was heavily involved. This was used mainly for the 'photo finish' used by the judges. Also as the 6 and 7 day North Island cycle tours would pass through Tauranga, I was often called upon by Charlie Old, the race commissaire, to grab the camera he had in the boot of his car to catch the stage finish action so he could watch later.

Sandpit Mossy 


My own cameras have included Sony 8mm, Sony Hi-8, Sony DV8, Canon XM-2, Sony HD1000p HDV and currently a Panasonic X1000 4k camera. Also a couple of GoPro, the Hero2 and a Hero 6 Black. I am currently shooting predominately in 4k but use is mainly on a 1080p50 timeline and converted for the required DVD, Blu-ray, or online content.


Sandpit 2015I began my editing on a 400MHz Celeron processor equipped with special Matrox video capture card running Avid software. I have progressed through several Adobe Premiere versions and suitable hardware machines.
I have been running Edius software for the last few years since version 5.0 to my current Edius Workgroup 8.53 hopefully to be updated to version 9 in the not too distant future. Hardware has been improved substantially since the meagre beginnings and are currently running a Xeon E5-2698 V4 ES 20 core (40 threads) Sandpit 2017with 32GB of RAM and over 13TB of storage. Recently updated from dual 22inch monitors plus 24inch TV to a single 43inch UHD monitor and the same 24inch TV as shown.


To cope with the extremely large data files that 4k recording requires, I have built up a dedicated NAS storage to backup/archive all my footage as the latest cameras only use SDXC cards and not the earlier tapes. This is an ongoing project as I am going back through all the footage and attempting to catalog it all. Luckily Edius provides a great tool in Mync.

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